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It is not easy for me to find a swimwear hijab which is not only comfortable but also modest and save to cover my whole body.

Hi. I am a mother with five children who loves pools and beaches. Since my kids always love swimming, as a mother I should go to the water with them. But, there is one difficulty for a moslem woman like me to choose the right dress. Mostly I prefer to wear leggings, put a light skirt on, and an oversized t-shirt. Can you imagine how it looks? Yups, it's a mess. Not only for me, but for my daughters too, they wear the same as me. 

Thanks to Ikram Zein, a young beautiful woman who has struggled to find swimwear that suited our needs of a modest and comfortable swimwear hijab, LYRA swimwear hijab.


swimwear hijab

As stated on LYRA’s website, the journey of a swimsuit usually takes 9 months from inception to delivery. Yet it’s a complex process. The journey of the swimsuit starts from the LYRA studios in London to be designed, to the fabric mills in Bergamo, Northern Italy where the excellent fabric is being prepared , and then all the way to a family run factory in Istanbul to be inspected for the quality, before finally being sent to the warehouse in London, UK.


Finding a LYRA swimwear hijab is a blessing for me. Not only can it save us from rotten looks when swimming, but also make us more confident since it has an elegant look, modest, and beautifully designed. Friends, you need LYRA but you’re not stay in UK? Don’t worry, because LYRA can be sent all over the world.

sofia leaf

baju renang muslimah
naila maroon
swimsuit for hijab
sofia blue

So, many thanks for Ikram Zain for your and your team's hard work to invented such a beautiful swimwear hijab that can save woman moslem like us when swimming. And I think LYRA swimsuit suitable also for every woman whatever their religion who want a nice, modest swimwear. I LOVE IT !

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